Dogs, blogs, and catalogs

It has now officially been six months since I began posting blogs to the interwebs. Wow! Time flies, but where in the heck is that $20,000 /month everyone keeps talking about?? Maybe in another six months. In any case, retiring and writing has been every bit as exciting as I’d hoped. I still have a LOT to learn about the Blogosphere, and many more dog duties to go over in future postings. This week however, instead of writing about dogs or dog walking, I have decided to bore you to pieces with an update from the canine command center.

Duncan is going along great and doesn’t seem to mind that I still call him Nitro at least once a week. He’s a year and a half already and has grown into an unreservedly skinny 50-pound brown hound. He is quite the little maniac, and his favorite game is to chase dogs on the other side of the fence. Before you ask which fence, let’s just say that any fence will do.

The best thing Duncan has going for him is that he’s a super friendly guy. He also has a brand-new harness because he was beginning to pull very hard with that little chicken neck of his.

Rex just turned 12 in March. He passed his latest veterinary exam with flying colors and, for an 84-year-old, he is looking pretty good. He hasn’t gotten gray or fat or nothing like that. He doesn’t play with Duncan ALL the time, but he still gets into it. When he does, he becomes utterly puppy all over again. Rex is one of those dogs that plays on his back, then he twists and kicks and flips Duncan all over the place like an aikido master. Rex is a good boy.

The pet sitter compendium is still alive and well but for the next several months I will be spending the majority of my writing efforts on a book (working title: Dog Tales). Should I succeed, this campaign will catalog the many compelling, hilarious, and relatable stories about the most remarkable characters I have met or seen in the dog park. It is also very much the story of Nitro and how his calm and caring presence worked to support the vital decisions and circumstances I managed while he was with me.

The major good news around here is that I’ve reached my first milestone for the pet sitter compendium. My initial objectives were to impart the essentials of starting a pet sitting business, unbosom many of the underlying considerations of the dog park experience, and compose at least 30 write-ups.

In the near future I intend to increase my online network and blog visibility using social media or other vectors to facilitate further flourishing of my facetious fabrications (and start making that $50,000 /month)!*

I am still working on a wildcard blog in my “spare” time. Topics for the wildcard blog include US history, inventions, world history, engineering, hoax-busting, the environment, and even a few stories about yours truly. I know. I was surprised by that too, but as I brainstormed wildcard topics, I was able to begin remembering just how many places I’ve been to, and the great many things I like to gripe about. I will be posting all these stories in wildcard articles to another blog URL next year. Until then, thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week!

Featured photo – Rex and Duncan acting innocent.

*These numbers are completely tongue-in-cheek. My goal is definitely NOT to develop an e-commerce site. Monetizing blogs is a lot of work. To be clear: I’m retired and I don’t want to work. I worked for nearly 30 years, and let me tell you, it’s overrated. All I do now is read about history, write about dogs, and walk about 8 miles a day.

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  1. I have been blogging since 2008, I think, and I have yet to hit $20,000 / month – never mind $50,000. But I sure have had a lot of fun!!

  2. Careful. I can tell you from experience that writing becomes every bit as addicting as spending time with good dogs.

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