How to start a pet sitting small business

Establishing your pet sitting business as a legal, state-certified entity confers several advantages. It adds legitimacy to your enterprise, facilitates the deduction of business expenses from your taxable income, and it satisfies prerequisites to obtain a business checking account. Business checking is useful to minimize fees, enable payment by credit card, and provides a methodContinue reading “How to start a pet sitting small business”

Can you make a living pet sitting full time?

Yes, you can make a living as a full-time pet sitter. The demand for pet caretakers is significant, and in most towns the pet population is about 8% dogs and 6% cats. So, if the population of your city is 100,000 there are 8,000 dogs needing exercise and relief breaks. Pet sitting is a $2.6Continue reading “Can you make a living pet sitting full time?”

Should you pet sit out of your own home?

This is an interesting topic because I suspect most sitters that do this from time to time have been unable to find a statute that explicitly says “you cannot be a pet sitter and have dogs at your house.” However, having just one too many dogs on your residential property may violate a numbered statuteContinue reading “Should you pet sit out of your own home?”