What is the best dog DNA test?

Fifteen years ago, dog DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) tests were primarily a novelty that enabled genotype research facilities to generate additional revenue. Since then, dog DNA tests have become increasingly popular, affordable, and accurate. Aside from ancestral breakdown by breed, DNA test centers may reveal whether a dog has a medical predisposition to a genetic disease.Continue reading “What is the best dog DNA test?”

Tax deductions for pet sitters

For some reason, people tend to get very excited about tax deductions. Admittedly, claiming deductions does reduce the tax burden on a small business (for now), but they require time and effort to prepare, and may increase the risk of an IRS audit. About 10% of the money claimed on tax deductible expenses may beContinue reading “Tax deductions for pet sitters”

What is the best dog food?

Now that puppy Duncan is becoming an adult, and old Rex is getting older, I am revisiting this oft pondered and markedly idiosyncratic interrogative. Rapidly remembering just how overwhelming pet food analysis can become, I was elated to rediscover a couple of excellent resources to share. There isn’t a “catch all” in the best petContinue reading “What is the best dog food?”

Amazing facts about dogs – Part 2 of 2

RMS TitanicThree dogs survived the sinking of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic: A Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese – Mostly true. Lady, a Pomeranian, was taken aboard Lifeboat 7 with Margaret Bechstein Hays. Sun Yat Sen, the Pekingese, belonging to Myra and Henry S. Harper (a publishing magnate), survived by boarding Lifeboat 3. AnotherContinue reading “Amazing facts about dogs – Part 2 of 2”

Pet Sitting Tips and Tricks

I stumbled into a myriad of situations I wish I had known about before beginning pet sitting. Some of these seem like common sense in hindsight, but let’s just say I didn’t realize HOW IMPORTANT they were until later. OvernightsMost dogs get what I call “first-night-itis” even when they know you and have visited before.Continue reading “Pet Sitting Tips and Tricks”

Amazing facts about dogs – Part 1 of 2

Amazing facts are incredible, thought-provoking, and fun. Sometimes, however, they may seem a little TOO amazing. So, with wild-eyed (and suspicious) wonderment, I filled in the blanks on a popular list of far-fetched, vague, or unqualified dog facts. A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion through the entire 2,168-mile Appalachian Trail – TrueContinue reading “Amazing facts about dogs – Part 1 of 2”

Pet Sitting Groups and Organizations

If your pet sitter belongs to an organization (or two), it is a good sign that you’ve found a responsible caregiver. Pet sitting organizations offer two principal benefits to members: pet sitting insurance and sound business advice. Pet sitting organizations are also useful to pet owners searching for quality sitters in their locality. Money-saving tip:Continue reading “Pet Sitting Groups and Organizations”

Personalities and Playstyles of Dogs

We love dogs for several reasons, not the least of which being their astonishing range of invigorating personalities. Dog park visits are amusing and thought provoking when we notice the diverse dynamics that develop within pairs or groups of dogs in neutral territory. These adorable knuckleheads always seem to know whether it’s time to gangContinue reading “Personalities and Playstyles of Dogs”

People and Personalities in the Dog Park

Most people that attend the dog park are fun, dog-loving folks that follow the rules and pick up their poo. However, there are several remarkable character types to watch out for. Now, granted, some of these personality types may be found in any office, jobsite, or interpretive dance class, but the dog park has severalContinue reading “People and Personalities in the Dog Park”