Dog Park “Don’ts”

Over time, dog park parishioners are going to witness some exceptionally weird behavior. I’m not talking about failing to police your poo, or shirking responsibility for a humpy or dominant dog. Those mundane matters have been covered already. Today, I’m talking about the surreal and bizarro world of: Dog Park Don’ts! The PenguinDon’t be anContinue reading “Dog Park “Don’ts””

What is canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC)?

As I was perusing an ordinary, unbiased, and completely reliable online news source the other day, I noticed an article that included a WARNING for dog owners in south Florida since a “highly contagious virus is spreading across the Sunshine State.” While I’m happy to be given a heads up, I’ve also grown hackles becauseContinue reading “What is canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC)?”

Dog Fostering FAQ

Becoming a foster volunteer can be a marvelously cooperative and rewarding adventure. Fostering may be a good idea for folks that aren’t sure what kind of dog is right for them, or are currently “between dogs.” Other foster parents are people that have lost their once-in-a-lifetime dog and decided the foster lifestyle is now bestContinue reading “Dog Fostering FAQ”

Articles of Organization for a pet sitting LLC

The Articles of Organization is the document that you’ll file with the Secretary of State’s office in the state where you are forming your pet sitting limited liability company (LLC). Some states call this a Certificate of Organization or Certificate of Formation. Most states have a free Articles of Organization form available on the SecretaryContinue reading “Articles of Organization for a pet sitting LLC”


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