Should you pet sit out of your own home?

This is an interesting topic because I suspect most sitters that do this from time to time have been unable to find a statute that explicitly says “you cannot be a pet sitter and have dogs at your house.” However, having just one too many dogs on your residential property may violate a numbered statute regarding noise, poo cleanup, or leash requirements.

If you are interested in pet sitting from your home, consider the following:

-The County, City, or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) may have rules regarding what types of business, or how many animals, may be present in a home. Kennels are generally prohibited in medium and high-density residential zones.

-Check with your state’s Board of Agriculture regarding kennel regulations. They may require an annual fee and have inspection requirements. Moreover, they may require additional equipment or materials not included in a typical home. Some may require different types and ratios of cover (grass, concrete, etc.), specific drainage or discharge requirements, and there will be an animal/square foot ratio to comply with.

A dog door with a fenced in yard keeps puppies busy

-Even if the legal aspects are a match for you, the wear and tear on your furniture, carpets, and clothing will take a toll. Running a pet hotel seems like easy money, but a hairy, smudgy, and over-dogified house may eventually drive you bananas.

-State, County, and City statutes regarding pets and animals are lengthy, referential, and vague. Read them anyway.

-Nosy and fussy neighbors will be a factor on whether this will be a sustainable practice.

The solution I used was to only have 6-8 dogs over at a time. Also, I did not advertise or declare my business as a kennel since, pursuant to NC statutes, it was not a facility keeping at least 10 or more animals per day.

Featured photo – Puppy Nitro at 4 months, in front of my aunt’s house in Vermont. It was Thanksgiving in 2009 and we hadn’t even thought of pet sitting yet. He would soon be a superstar helper and considered the dog park to be his “second yard.”

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I'm new to the Blogosphere and have only recently (Oct 2021) begun to enjoy sharing my exploits as a full time pet sitter.

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