Rogues, Rascals, and Rapscallions

Is it just me or does everyone receive those “Cloud storage is almost full” notifications twice a year? My Verizon is full of puppy photos. Was it Mick Jagger or Wilbur Wright that said, “Hey you get off of my Cloud!”? The feature photo for today shows Duncan on one of his first walks to Fred G. Bond Metro Park (aka Bond Lake) in Cary, North Carolina. Most of the following photos were taken during visits to the Town of Cary Dog Park (Godbold Park) in Cary, NC.

Seamus the mini-doodle (2012)

Seamus was famous. One of my first clients and a serial humper, but nobody got upset because he was just so darned cute. By the way, that’s Kaiser in the background. He was a serial photo-bomber like nobody’s business.

Kaiser and Nazer enjoying some park time (2012)

Speaking of Kaiser, this classic image provides a contrast to Nazer’s Russian winter coat and Kaiser’s frequently fluffy fleece.

Remy and Gizmo taking a water break (2014)

Remy is checking to see if Gizmo managed to get any water IN his mouth this time.

Duncan wondering when dinner will be ready (2021)

Duncan likes to say hi with just one ear.

Winsome Winston (2021)

Meanwhile, Winston seems to be saying, “WHAT’S THAT??” with his ears.

Meet and greet (2015)

Ollie loves making new friends at the dog park.

Autumn 2019

Genevieve contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

Rhaena is handy to have around during mealtime. She keeps food warm by breathing on it.

l to r: Rex, Remy, Ollie, and Millie (2018)

Ollie and his bodyguards. Rex and Millie are ever vigilant. Remy lends himself to a more languorous approach to sentry duty.

Nappus Interruptus (2021)

Duncan says, “I love you Remy.”

Dexter and Paco (2014)

Dexter says, “Quit punching me Paco!”

From l to r: Bean, Nitro, Callie, and Millie (Ruxon in background)

A typical scene at Eric’s Pet Sitting. Relaxing. Peaceful. Hairy.

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